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When you gamble, you are just throwing money to the wind. Well at least in places like, say, Las Vegas, there's a chance -- the ever-so-slightest chance -- that you will win some of it back. But what if I told you, you could use real money to place bets and never win -- ever. Well you'd say, "Why on earth would I do that? It's called DoubleDown Casino.

It's a video game application on Facebook. There's a very flashy platform. It says you can play blackjack, slots or roulette. And there are different ones there's Wild Safari, Sunken Treasure.

I went with Sunken Treasure. It has a pirate theme. And it works just like a video slot machine in a real casino. Now, initially you can play for free. You get a complimentary pot of virtual chips. But if you run out? You have to either wait until they top you off the next day, or you can put more virtual chips on your actual credit card.

It's five bucks forchips. Thirty-nine bucks for 75 million, which may seem like an absurd mountain of chips. But since they aren't real, some players will bet 20, virtual chips on one spin. And you may ask yourself Well that's the interesting thing is that you do not cash out in our game.

Again you can't run a gambling site in the U.

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And gambling, legally, has three aspects to it: And what we've done is we have removed the prize element. So any money that you win in our game you can never redeem that for any sort of monetary value.

So it's a bit like Hotel California. I mean, you can cash out any time you like, but you can never collect. Nonetheless, DoubleDown Casino is a Facebook hit. It launched last June and already has almostplayers a day. Only 7 or 8 percent of them are buying chips, but Greg Enell says that's a lot in the online video game world.

The company's profitable; in fact, it's hiring. And all because of what amounts to a giant one-armed bandit from which no money comes. A lot of people are amazed by the fact that people will pay to play a casino game when they have really no opportunity to win. Well, I think there's something to be said for the thrill of gambling. What we've found is whether you're playing for real money or fake money, that same tension still builds.

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  • Social games like those offered by DoubleDown Casino are great for the casino gaming company but not so great for the player. While they're certainly lots of fun, social games - unlike real money games - will never pay you real cash. When you play at a real money casino, it's not just about the fun. You get.

So for example, I'm playing blackjack. When I'm playing the game, I feel my blood pressure go up a little bit, I sit up straight in my chair. Do you think this sort of satisfies the same desire that gambling satisfies? But you know, somebody who really loves to gamble is not gonna be happy unless they have the chance of cashing out a lot of money.

Sue Schneider runs egamingbrokerage. She's been monitoring the online gambling industry since And while this kind of prize-less play is relatively new, she says it isn't exactly rare.

Even some actual gaming sites offer a free-play section where you can practice.

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And without that factor of the money, people play differently. The more chips you play on a line, the more you win. So it makes you feel like you're winnin' more, you know. In a way that you wouldn't be able to feel like a high roller in real life. They don't give you enough to sustain that high or the thrill or whatever you would call it. So it's like a drug in a way when you describe it like that.

You get a similar flavor, but you don't wind up all stumbly. That said, a few DoubleDown players -- just a few -- get out of hand with it, spending thousands of dollars on virtual chips. And when they do that, Greg Enell's company sends them a message.

And we essentially tell them that you are now a formal VIP. And any time you need chips, just request them directly from our customer support group. And they will provide you chips at no cost. So that you can continue to play the game.

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Double Down Casino Winners

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    13, /PRNewswire/ -- International Game Technology PLC's ("IGT") (NYSE: IGT) DoubleDown Casino® social gaming website raised the stakes today by introducing its new jackpot feature that gives players the chance to win more than two billion chips. Initially available on the classic Wolf Run™ slot. Double Down C Warn the People About Double Down Casino Stealing There Money. likes. WE NEED TO LET DOUBLE DOWN KNOW THAT THEY CANT STEAL OUR MONEY. I am so tired of hearing about these guys ripping people off so i must share this a sort of pay back for everyone they have ripped off. There is many holes in this web game that i found quite noticeable very quickly. First one is when you first start pl.
  2. Sean Cole: It's called DoubleDown Casino. It's a video game application on Facebook. It makes noise. Cole, at computer: There's a very flashy platform. It says you can play blackjack, slots or roulette. Slots are the most popular game. Cole, at computer: And there are different ones there's Wild Safari.:
    Why can't I load Double Down Casino? If you're unable to load the Double Down Casino application, you're experiencing poor performance, or some part of the game isn't working properly, there are some simple steps you can take that might resolve this quickly. First try the following: Leave the game by. If fewer than 9 players enter a player tournament or fewer than 98 enter a player tournament, the prize pool will not be sufficient to reward the winners. In those cases, all buy-ins will be automatically refunded in full. Playing a Tournament. Once you join the tournament, you will see the time remaining displayed in. If you need to add friends for gifting or exchanging game-items you can check or join the DoubleDown Casino - Free Slots Add Me List. is a Fan Site and is not .. DoubleDown Casino - Free Slots. We're excited to announce the first group of winners in the Lucky Larry, Lucky You Giveaway. Please join.
  3. If those real money coins turn out to be winners and you manage to build a healthy bankroll, all you can do with those credits is keep on playing or save them in your account for later. DoubleDownd vs Real Money Casino. Here on the site, we've got all of the leading games at DoubleDown plus many more, and they too.:

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Fun mode should remain free, no pay fill up credit thats about it. I dunno if it is possible for some to fight against Facebook and lobby them to remove all casino off Facebook all together or force them to remain free only with no pay to fill up credit or so like only get free credit every 4 hours or so. I think it gonna be a hard one yes. That's how all social games work in a nutshell. Don't see the point why it would be different for casino games.

I can play slots for free when my real money bankroll is low and that is great. Facebook answers to the laws in America, which is how they get away with it. However, some of the biggest American companies have been reigned in by the EU courts.

Google, for example, lost a case regarding an EU "right to be forgotten" which does not exist in America. Microsoft also fell foul of the EU. Facebook has also been in the EU firing line over privacy issues, so it's more likely they are getting away with it "for now". The social games can actually backfire, because they are the SAME as the games you will find when playing for real at an online casino, and this will be obvious to any player who moves to real money play from Facebook.

They will also believe the conspiracy theorists who peddle "systems" to beat the games, or post "proof" of RTP manipulation. The impression is one of Microgaming slots being as operator configurable as the fruit machine down the pub. This idea flies in the face of what real play Microgaming is all about, where players are led to believe and trust that no matter where and when the games are played, the RTP is set in stone by Microgaming on the day of release, and there is nothing the operator can do to change RTP in order to control profit and loss.

Quite a few users of ClickFun have grown wise to the ridiculous idea that one actually BUYS extra coins, and so only play the regular issues of free coins, and raise a big fuss when something goes wrong with the free coins because they sure as hell aren't going to buy any coins for a game that can never pay out in real money. Sorry, I don't get it. Seems like, you don't like slot machines. But many of us do. And most of us know the difference between real money play and play money play.

When you buy play chips on Double Down, you can't cash them out, and they make that clear. Install Gamblock or something on your computer. I played the Double Down casino on Facebook a bit in the past. But I quit when I realized I'm just wasting my time if no real money is going to be paid out. Just a life waster to me. There are better things to do. Westland Bowl , Oct 12, Well let's make a few points here about games like Double Down Which for some folks I'm sure buying 99,, coins to play with bets that they could only dream of.

Especially if your the true bargain better at the casino and would never dream of going above a 50 cent bet. Which brings me to my next point You've really gone down the wrong thought process. There is big money to be made in social network games. Especially if you offer the right premium items or enough incentive to buy more whatever it is your buying.

There really isn't a horrible huge pro, to any game like Double Down other than for some it purely for the entertainment value. Plus some may not want to jump thru all of the hoops to game online. Some people just like playing casino games for fun, and not really care if they cash out. I for one enjoy playing some of the familiar titles at home with my free money I get every day.

Yes each Facebook game is required to give you a free play daily. So even if you don't want to pay into the pot. You can always play for free. If you loose just ignore the plea for your money and click out of the screen. Personally I wouldn't pay money to play at a fun play casino, but a lot of people enjoy it - for them it's not about making money, but to kill time or to challenge their friends or whatever.

I think the 'article' the OP posted is just an affiliate who's bending the entertainment factor of the Facebook thing into a "OMG what a scam look how much money you could make if you played for real" with convenient links to casinos where you can do just that. If you won, the chips were automatically added to your account when the tournament ended.

If a tournament ends before you run out of credits, you will see the message that you ran out of time. This may happen if you selected Auto Spin and wandered away, then triggered a bonus round or finished the Auto Spin with credits remaining. What kind of tournament were you playing?

When you have 3 winning spins in a row, you trigger the On Fire bonus. For instance, if you have a 10, line win, the score above the reels will increase by 20,, and you will see the message "2x On Fire Bonus!

The detail view will include: It will also be listed on the leaderboard once you start playing. If fewer players join, the prize pool will not reach the projected size, and the payouts will be smaller. The actual prize payouts are based on the number of participants and the chips pool created by their entry fees. There are minimum participation levels for some tournament types. Club is a platform for gamers who loves to share.

There is no registration required. Login with Facebook to start posting. You can talk about tips, tricks, cheats, ask for help or simply introduce yourself to the club. Do you know any of this topics? Collect , FREE chips when you click http: These chips must be claimed in the next six hours. As you know, we love rewarding our awesome players.

But once a year, we go overboard…and that time is now! Get started with , free chips! Do you prefer your winters snowy or rainy? You may not be able to control the weather but you can control how many bonus chips you get in today's sale!

Tell us your perfect winter weather in the comments below, then grab , free chips! The top 2 symbols are also 5x multipliers, and they combine for up to 25x wins!

Check it out with , free chips! And be sure to stop by later for another visit from Santa! Merry Christmas to all of the DoubleDown Casino fans of the world!

There are a few presents coming for you today on our Facebook wall. For starters, here are , FREE chips! Now that's a heck of a Christmas present. Claim one million FREE chips when you click http: If you've enjoyed this holiday treat, please leave us a comment and send some Christmas cheer to the DoubleDown team: A friendly white wolf was hiding behind today's Advent Calendar door.

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DoubleDown Casino is provided by DoubleDown Interactive, LLC in accordance with the DoubleDown Interactive, Play Free Online Casino Games for Fun. DoubleDown Casino’s Luck of the Leprechaun Giveaway Official Sweepstakes Rules. NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. MAKING A PURCHASE DOES NOT. Join or Log Into Facebook Email or Phone. Password.